• The Masjid is now open but space is limited. 
  • We now have 1 jummah jamat at Cameron centre at 1.30pm
  • The Southmead site has 2 jummah jamat 1.00pm and 1.25pm

Masjid Purchase Appeal

Help us buy Shahporan Islamic Centre, so we can secure a permanent masjid for the community InshaAllah.

Please use the Total giving link to donate online faster and easier. Whats more, your donation goes further as we can claim gift aid; making our target of £330,000 quicker to achieve InshaAllah.


Setup in 2014, Shahporan Islamic Centre Bristol is a full time masjid for daily prayers in congregation and providing education on Islam for the North Bristol Muslim community. Alhamdulillah with the help of the community, we have converted a vacant shop into a masjid which initially could provide facilities for about 60 people. This quickly became insufficient due to demand so the community raised funds to extend outside; creating a further 40 spaces for prayer and enhanced wudu and toilet facilities. We have further created additional outside overflow space at Jummah prayers and 2 jamaths for Friday prayer. With such demand for this service in North Bristol, we would like to progress to buy the masjid outright to secure the future long term InshaAllah and provide the community with the service they need.

Prayer Times

Friday Jummah

1st Jamat: 13:00 & 13:25 at Southmead site

2nd Jamat: 13:30 at The Cameron Centre, Lockleaze


Bring your own prayer mat – NO Wudu Facilities on site.
All classes/sessions are suspended until further notice
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